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The Megawatt primarily focused on but not limited to acquiring and growing renewable energy sector businesses within Southeast Asia.

Long-Term Value Through Renewable Resources

The Megawatt adds Shareholder value by acquiring, developing and growing businesses around Southeast Asia which possess innovative renewable energy powerplants. The Megawatt team works tirelessly to introduce new projects, technologies, skills, efficiencies and improvements to the group of companies by cross pollinating within the group. The team respond quickly and methodically to new market developments, legal directives. Each strategic acquisition adds specific value to the direction and growth of the companies.

Not only does The Megawatt expand its portfolio by building new businesses, but the dedicated engineering division also offers tailored solutions for clients with particular unique needs who wants to make a transition to sustainable energy management.

Our Portfolio
Investing in Sustainable Energy

Founded in 2020, The Megawatt currently has a portfolio of projects in various stages of development, from concept to the commercialization phase, across Southeast Asia. With a keen understanding of both local and international energy markets, The Megawatt invests in assets throughout the value chain including technology, power generation, clean energy & biofuels, fuels retailing, crypto mining, and many more to come.

The Megawatt has acquired several businesses ranging from solar farms to community-based power plants using renewable energy resources.

Some of these business areas include Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Operation and Maintenance services. These diverse divisions have set the foundation for long-term growth for The Megawatt.

Solar Farms
Solar Roofs
Biomass Power Plant
Our Services
Proven Record Of The High Performance & Reliability

To accelerate the transition to move away from utilizing traditional energy sources for power, not only the industry section, but also in city and houses should have the capabilities to attain the transition. The Megawatt connects both consumers and businesses with clean energy, ranging from individual looking to adopt solar power to a business owner seeking to make smart green investments.

The Megawatt's service team features engineers and contractors with years of experience working with some of the largest utility providers to start-up companies. The team respond quickly and methodically to new market developments and legal directives. We aim to provide high-quality technological solutions that meet requirements and give customers long-term competitive advantages.

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